The Initiative for MPTs (IMPT) is a global collaboration to advance multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) – health prevention products that allow women to simultaneously protect against more than one sexual and reproductive health risk, including HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy.

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Read this report by Dr. Betsy Tolley presenting learnings and reflections on traditional socio-behavioral research (SBR) and human-centered design (HCD) as applied to the global health context – specifically in biomedical prevention for sexual and reproductive health.
Watch a webinar featuring a presentation by Lauren Hunter on an analysis comparing chlamydia positivity by type of contraceptive method used among women and her recommendation for developing MPTs.
Join the MPT development collaboration to serve the broad SRH needs of women. Find out how in this two-page brief.
Read about MPT champions and the field’s progress in Women in the World.
Apply for MPT research & development support from NIH. Click here for more details.


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