The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) advances the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls worldwide. It works as a product-neutral learning network that fosters the progress of the MPT field. We believe that the availability of desirable methods that deliver an array of prevention combinations will improve the lives of women and their families worldwide.

IMPT Learning Network

Comprised of members from across disciplines and continents, the IMPT is the central body that researchers, product developers, funders, policymakers, and advocates rely on for objective technical guidance and strategic planning related to MPTs. By facilitating interdisciplinary and international partnerships, the IMPT enables experts from across the family planning, HIV, and STI fields to strategize around the unique technological, market access, and regulatory challenges presented by developing combined prevention, thus refining the pathway to impactful MPT development. Specifically, the IMPT is tasked with:

The IMPT Secretariat provides product-neutral central leadership and coordination for the MPT field, consulting with researchers, product developers, supporting agencies, and other MPT stakeholders to gather and synthesize data on advances, gaps, challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities in the MPT field. With a finger on the pulse of field-wide changes and activities as they happen, the Secretariat is well-positioned to coordinate the IMPT and shape next steps for the MPT field overall.

History of the IMPT

In 2009, CAMI Health convened a multidisciplinary international meeting in Berkeley, California aimed to advance the development of prevention methods that would protect women and girls from interlinked sexual and reproductive health risks. An outcome of this meeting was the launching of the MPT field and the establishment of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies, or the IMPT. Read More >>


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