The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) is a product neutral collaboration that advances the development of MPTs to address the interlinked risks of unintended pregnancy and STIs including HIV. We believe that the availability of desirable methods that deliver an array of prevention combinations will improve the lives of women and their families worldwide.

Comprised of members from across disciplines and more than 15 countries, the IMPT is the central body that researchers, product developers, funders, policymakers, and advocates rely on for objective technical guidance and strategic planning related to MPTs. By facilitating interdisciplinary partnerships, the IMPT enables experts from across the family planning, HIV, and STI fields to strategize around the unique technological, market access, and regulatory challenges presented by developing combined prevention, thus refining the pathway to impactful MPT development.

The IMPT Secretariat serves as the neutral coordinating body of the Initiative. In this capacity, the Secretariat works to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through the organization of task forces and committees around priority issues and geographic settings. Components of the IMPT’s structure include:

Scientific Agenda Work Stream:

Task forces in this work stream strategize and provide guidance around the unique technological and market access challenges of MPT development and introduction.

Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC):

The SACC identifies MPT funding priorities and gaps and informs MPT investment decisions.

Communications & Advocacy Work Stream

This work stream aims to raise global awareness around and support for MPTs.

IMPT Secretariat:

The Secretariat is the backbone and coordinating body for the Initiative, serving as the neutral convener for IMPT stakeholders from across the globe.

The Collective Impact Approach is a smart and efficient method for generating cross-sectoral coordination to effect large scale social change.


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