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Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC)

The Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC) leads efforts to increase collaboration and coordination among supporting agencies (i.e. funders) around MPT development activities.  The SACC provides guidance to the field by helping determine how to best deploy limited resources, facilitate funding to support critical work, minimize duplication of effort and rationalize a complex field that crosses disciplines and funding streams.  With limited resources, the SACC will help streamline investment in MPT development.

The SACC has engaged representatives from:  the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DFID, Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Mary Wohlford Foundation, NIH NICHD, NIH NIAID, NIH OAR, Wellcome Trust, and USAID.  

In April 2014, the SACC held the first in person MPT Supporting Agency Coordination Planning Meeting to discuss potential frameworks for coordination among MPT supporting agencies.  Click here to review the executive summary from that meeting.


SACC Co-Chairs:

Gina Brown (NIH OAR)
Judy Manning (USAID)


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