Scientific Agenda Work Stream

The goal of the Scientific Agenda Working Group (SAWG) is to address major scientific and technical issues confronting the MPT field, and provide guidance for developers and funding agencies which can advance the development of MPTs.  The SAWG is focused on MPT Drug-Drug and Drug-Device combinations, MPT-Vaccines and STI-MPTs.

The SAWG has developed:

  • Target Product Profiles (TPPs) including a generalized TPP and TPPs for the prioritized dosage forms: 1) On Demand, 2) Sustained Release and 3) Injectable MPTs. With input from MPT funders, researchers, and product developers, these more general TPPs are designed to broadly define a type of product (as opposed to a specific product) and can serve as a tool to help assure that the appropriate products for maximum public health impact will be developed.
  • Annual survey of IMPT stakeholders to identify MPT product priorities and gaps.
  • A manuscript focused on the TPP process and the resulting MPT TPPs, published in a Special Supplement of the Journal of Antiviral Research.
  • MPT Product Pipeline Database to serve as a comprehensive resource outlining information on MPT products and product candidates.  
  • Technical webinars on topics such as MPT manufacturing and regulatory issues.
  • And continues to review progress in the field, using new developments to update the TPPs and the MPT Product Pipeline Database. 

The SAWG periodically convenes experts from the field to discuss scientific and technical issues that have been identified as critical to MPT development.  Outcomes from these convenings and think tanks have shaped the MPT scientific agenda.  Reports from past convenings are available in the resource center and can be found below.  

SAWG Sub-Working Groups: STI-MPT WG & Socio-Behavioral and Commercialization WG:

The SAWG established a sub-working group focused on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in response to a key gap identified in the field, namely the insufficiency in products that address STIs.  The STI-MPT working group will conduct complementary work to the larger SAWG focused on advancing MPT products and candidates that prevent STIs. A second SAWG sub-group focuses on integration of socio-behavioral and commercialization issues into the MPT product development process.

SAWG Resources

Reports from Past Convenings


SAWG Chair  

Joseph Romano (NWJ Group)

STI-MPT Co-Chairs 

Carolyn Deal (NIAID/DMID)
Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan (WHO)

Socio-Behavioral and Commercialization WG Coordinating Committee

Ariane Van Der Straten (RTI, UCSF)
Anke Hemmerling (CAMI, UCSF)
Bethany Young Holt (CAMI)
Laura Dellplain (CAMI)
Jim Turpin (NIAID)
Joseph Romano (NWJ Group)


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