IMPT Secretariat - CAMI Health

CAMI Health fosters a world where women and girls have the prevention tools they need to lead vital, healthy lives. Towards this end we are advancing new forms of female initiated sexual and reproductive health (SRH), approaches that enable women to more easily and efficiently protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

By bringing together a broad range of global SRH stakeholders —researchers, developers, funders, women’s health advocates, health care providers, and the diverse voices of women themselves—we accelerate research and development and eventually the dissemination and adoption of safe accessible options that women want and need.

We think women’s health research and product development should respond to the needs and demands of women. We integrate women’s diverse perspectives through partnerships with health providers and advocates, and are developing innovative preference research projects.


Bridging and integrating research and development makes us more efficient and effective.

Advocacy & Research

More than a “think tank” we are an “action tank” – developing innovative tools, sharing best practices and promoting top notch research.


Multipurpose prevention leads to better health because it simultaneously targets an array of women’s SRH health needs and concerns.

Our History

CAMI Health has been building collaborations towards realizing new innovations in contraception and infection prevention since 2001.


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