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CAMI Health has been building collaborations towards realizing new innovations in contraception and infection prevention since 2001. CAMI Health initiated the international collaboration, known as the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) in 2009 and coordinates its efforts to bring diverse stakeholders together, forging a common agenda to create a new field and funding stream. The initiative is coordinated by a small group of public health and epidemiology experts.

CAMI Health began as the California Microbicide Initiative in 2001, a California-based coalition-building effort to coordinate and communicate across HIV, contraception and reproductive justice efforts to advance microbicide development. Founder Bethany Young Holt, PhD, was drawn to comprehensive approaches through her extensive public health work and research work in Africa, the South Pacific, and the U.S. Talking to women from across the globe with different social, economic and cultural backgrounds facing a variety of SRH challenges, confirmed her insight that comprehensive health prevention would more efficiently and effectively address women’s interlinked sexual and reproductive health needs.

CAMI Health was selected in 2009 to lead and coordinate the international collaboration that became the IMPT (Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technology). Because of its deep roots and vast experience in the related microbicides and SRH fields, and absent of a financial stake in MPT product development, CAMI Health was selected to be the neutral coordinator. The IMPT has since grown to represent over 100 funders, developers, advocates and researchers in China, Europe, India, Kenya, South Africa and the United States, and is growing.

CAMI Health is a program of PHI, the Public Health Institute. PHI is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health, well-being, and quality of life for people throughout California, the nation and around the world.


Read the 2015 IMPT Annual Report highlighting the Initiative’s recent accomplishments.
Assessing the Potential of MPTs in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria by Ipsos Healthcare and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Read the reports and view the presentation and recording from the live webinar that discusses this research.
Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs): Innovation to Protect Women’s Reproductive Health in South AfricaCheck out the new Factsheet and Messaging Framework developed by the IMPT working group in South Africa.
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