How We Work

The IMPT is a collective impact collaboration comprised of members from across the globe who share a commitment towards developing new MPT methods that address women’s SRH needs. More than a coalition, the initiative is a long-term collaboration designed to bridge funding and research silos that pose barriers to innovating combined prevention.  

IMPT members comprise working groups, sub-working groups, committees and advisory groups, overseen by a steering committee. As Secretariat, CAMI is the backbone of the IMPT, serving as a neutral coordinator of all of the moving pieces of the collaboration in order to:

  • Create and advance a shared agenda
  • Coordinate the working groups, ensuring a high level of communication and transparency to maximize collective efforts
  • Identify and engage individuals and organizations who are doing work relevant to MPTs
  • Provide tools and guidance to help inform funders, developers and other stakeholders
  • Work to optimize and enhance MPT funding

Join the IMPT and help make MPTs a reality!

If you work in reproductive health, HIV/STI prevention, product development or another related field, join our international collaboration and move the research, policy, funding and education efforts forward to save lives. To learn more about joining the IMPT, click here.

As a member of the initiative you can:

  • Share and contribute to the collective expertise in field;
  • Access reliable resources for up to date research and news;
  • Access funding information and latest developments; and
  • Be a part of movement to expedite research and development to impact women’s lives and global health.


IMPT Steering Committee

Heather Boonstra (Guttmacher Institute)

Martha Brady (PATH)

Gina Brown (NIH OAR)

Elizabeth Bukusi (KEMRI)

Nomita Chandhiok (ICMR)

Anke Hemmerling (UCSF, CAMI Health/IMPT)

Manjulaa Narasimhan (WHO)

Judy Manning (USAID)

Kevin Peine (USAID)

Helen Rees (Wits RHI)

Joseph Romano (NWJ Group, CAMI Health/IMPT)

Elizabeth Russell (USAID)

Allen Wu (Nanjing University)

Bethany Young Holt (CAMI Health/IMPT, PHI)


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