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Imagine a world where women and adolescent girls have the tools they need to protect themselves from HIV, other STIs, and unintended pregnancy simultaneously; empowering them to achieve their full social, educational, and economic potential. Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) — an innovative class of products delivering varied combinations of HIV prevention, STI prevention, and contraception — will expand women’s choice in prevention method, providing them with efficient, user-controlled options that better fit their daily realities.

The Initiative for MPTs (IMPT) serves as the product-neutral backbone of the MPT field, working to raise critical issues, facilitate collaboration, operationalize research gaps, and identify actionable next steps for the field. Your investment in the IMPT will help the field evolve and advance by allowing us to:

  • Support the work of in-country task forces, who advance critical communications and advocacy efforts in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, India, and China. These groups, which are led by grassroots MPT champions, work to raise awareness around MPTs and amplify the voices of the women and girls who need simultaneous prevention the most.
  • Expand our task forces into areas within the United States that have urgent epidemiological need for MPTs.
  • Develop a more robust communications and advocacy strategy, aimed at sensitizing key stakeholders to the potential health and social impact of MPTs.

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